Re: The Taboo vs the Grimmauld Place enchantments

Meghan Noecker <friesian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 07:55:04 -0400, Thom Madura
: <Tommadura@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
:>Actually - if you read about the FC charm - you will see that it
:>protects a SECRET (That is in the books). SO it follows that - at the
:>time that the FC charm is cast - what it protects must be only known to
:>the people involved. THe location of a person's home is NOT a secret to
:>the owner of the home or those that live there - so that cannot be a
:>secret - regardless of who casts the spell.
: Excellent point! I never thought of that way, but it makes perfect
: sense.
: I;m still a bit puzzled at how knowing the secret makes the house
: visible when that isn't how it worked for the Potters.

Note that the Potters' getaway cottage was made "invisible to Muggles"
after they died even if the betrayal to Ickle Tommykins made it visible
to him.

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