Re: Snape: evil or not evil?

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Exactly! That's how some of the far right and left suck people in - they
promise reasonable-sounding policies, until it's too late.

That also explains why RAB initially joined Voldy, as Snape did - he may
have thought they were just "standing up for wizards' rights", and were
"against being overpowered/overrun by muggles and muggleborns" or somesuch.

Then when he realised what the DEs were *really* about (i.e. killing and
torturing people) he found he couldn't back out.

It's this kind of thing that made a background character on Gargoyles:
Goliath Chronicles sicken me. A simple mother, fearing "monsters" who
could be after her children, joined the Quarrymen, a group dedicated
to "protecting humans from gargoyles." They turned out to be
practically a terrorist group, in the end, attacking a train of people
to get to the Gragoyles. It's sickening to imagine a simple, everyday
woman joining such people just to protect her kids. Most likely, she
believed the ads, join and protect from monsters. Maybe she knew
they'd kill the Gargoyles when most vulnerable, but then the were
"monsters." I cannot accept her willingly participating in half their

Did she know what she was getting into? or was she suckered in by
promises of helping, only to see the true criminal activities? She
never appeared again. 2 eps, one as a background character.

That's how I see half the DE's. Wizards who joined to protect the
Status Quo, keep things pure, then found out what was really involved,
and were trapped. We know Voldemort had quite the army back in his
day. Notice how we only ever learn a handful of their identities.
Those are the extremists, fine with the DE actions. They also seem to
be Voldermort's favorite foot soldiers. Could it be the others never
had the stomach for such actions? Would the recruiting be come join
and kill the inferiors? Or Come join, and keep our society pure by
regulating Muggleborns to Muggle Status? Which would most people join
from? Kill, or social activism?

And even when they joined, there's no reason to believe they killed.
Many claimed to have been under control. maybe most DE's just did
that. We can't judge all the DE's by the extreme actions of a few
sadistic ones. Like Slytherins. We can't just say they're all evil.
We only know a handful out of Harry's 6 years there. And Harry hate
is a bit different from everybody else hate. For all we know, Draco
cursed any Slytheirn supporting Harry early on, and they, too fear not
joining in the mockery and Harry Hate.