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Mmm... perhaps we have a very hight expectations about the Encyclopedia,
don't we? When I think of an Encyclopedia, I think of the 14 big books I
have at home and I haven't finished to read, not I think I ever will.
But I then come back to reality and I think that this future Potter Book
won't be different on size than QttA or FBAWTFT, with about a paragraph
of 5 lines about our favorite characters. :D
Which is probably why she has a problem with Steve's which is more
likely to resemble a real encyclopedia. He's a compulsive listmaker
and professional organizer, whereas she's a storyteller. His book
might make hers look skimpy as a reference. Hers would be funnier,
but possibly disappointing to fans who had already bought Steve's and
had expectations of something similar from her. I fear a lot of fans
will not have their expectations met anyway, even if Steve's book
never gets published.

That's why I thought at first too. Perhaps she shouldn't have referred to it as "Encyclopedia" but just "companion book", because many of us are expecting a bigger book that what it would be. Did you get to see the book in Amazon? I didn't but of the book collects everything that is in the Lexicon, then it might be around the size of PoA.

And considering how the Canon books contradict her interviews perhaps some of these new facts she will give to us, will contradict the books as well. Yeah, perhaps we do have indeed high expectations and what bothered Jo the most is that somehow she know that Steve's book might be better.

You may have put your finger on why she's suing right there. Still,
she has information (or can make it up!) that Steve doesn't have,
which is why her book will sell no matter what.

It all seems rather ugly and unnecessary to me. And it would have
especially unnecessary if she had just written a proper epilogue in
the first place.

George W. Bush: Billions for Halliburton but not one cent for children's health care.

Regardless of her posts - It is WB who is suing. THis is an entangled web - but my guess is as follow -

JKR sold WB the rights to use the books in movies and create allied merchandise regarding the characters and stories. That is why WB claims a trademark for them in later books. JKR probably reserved the rights to produce more books - which would cover her Encyclopedia. However - others have to deal with WB. SHe would naturally be named in the suits as the copyright holder - but WB is suing on the basis of its contract.