Re: JKRowling and Warner Bros sue HP Lexicon

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You are wrong. JKR's characters are hers and hers alone and she is
entitled to use them, sell the rights to them and to stop those
without those rights from using them.

This person who has decided to take her work, without permission,
and use it for profit is so in the wrong there can be no defence to
their behaviour. It is little short of theft.

It gets tedious when you hear billionire whining about their lost

I am guessing you mean royalties?

Yes, although I think the mistake may not be too much of a mistake, as
she is losing the loyalties of many.

So you believe that once someone has earned "enough" they should lose
their copyright and instead others, who have not yet earned "enough",
should be able to use it in order to increase their income at the
original owner's expense?

An interesting point of view you have there. Do you believe this as an
all consuming universal truth? Now that my boss has earnt "enough" do
you therefore agree I should be able to set up a new company selling
products he has designed in order to increase my income? LOL!

Maybe, maybe not, but I don't expect the boss to start charging me
toilet paper used at work.

The equivalent of JR Rowling charging for toilet can be read in this
story -

See how much she has lost her soul. That she lost the case showed that
she wasn't even in the right, but used her money and power to intimidate
other people.

I for one don't care a jot if she lost anything.

In which case it is just as well your opinion count for little!

And it is not theft, or even short of it.

Of course it is theft.

As I have said before, it is within her right to sue, but it is not
right for her to do it (a concept which is lost on some here).

So am I right in thinking your only argument for her not exercising
her right is that, in your view, she has earned "enough" while the guy
who has nicked her copyrighted property has not.

To give it its full title, you are jealous.

Money doesn't mean much to me, but it sure means a lot to you and
Rowling, doesn't it?