Re: OOTP Movie, DVD release date

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Has anyone heard a release date for the OOTP DVD yet?

I heard November 10 for UK, and Dec. 11 for US. FOUL!

Correct. In the US, it will be available in one- and two-DVD
widescreen and fullscreen, HD-DVD, and Blue-Ray formats.

On, they're advertising a new 5 films box set with
additional deleted scenes not on the previous DVDs.

Feeling a bit tempted (except what do I do with the first 4 DVDs
I already have, and what will I do when films 6 and 7 come out
- get another 2 even-bigger box sets??!)

That's what they're hoping you'll do. I think I'll wait until
I hear whether the deleted scenes were worth bothering to include.
The ones from the first film were worth it, but I'm less certain
about the others.