Re: Calendar Error In Sorcerer's Stone

Thom Madura wrote:

Tim Bruening wrote:
Page 2 of Sorcerer's Stone: Mr. and Mrs. Dursley wake up on a dull, grey
Tuesday morning. That Tuesday turns out to be a weird day, with Mr.
Dursley seeing a cat reading a map and lots of people wearing colorful
cloaks; and British Muggles in general seeing lots of owls flying about
in the daytime, and also a downpour of shooting stars.

Page 12: The reason for the weird happenings: The night before, Lord
Voldemort (who had so terrorized British wizards for at least the
previous 11 years that few of them wanted to even say his NAME!) had
killed James and Lilly Potter, but disappeared when he tried to kill
baby Harry Potter. Lord Voldemort's disappearance had triggered wild
celebrations by British wizards.

Page 328 of Deathly Hallows: A headstone gives the death dates of James
and Lilly Potter as October 31, 1981. Hence the dull, grey Tuesday
morning at the start of Sorcerer's Stone is November 1, 1981. According
to the perpetual calendar in my World Almanac, November 1, 1981 was on a
Sunday, the same as for 2009. Why didn't J.K. Rowlings consult a
perpetual calendar before writing the Harry Potter books?

We have no knowledge of the calendar used in the Wizarding world. After
all - even today - there are several different ones used on earth.

The Dursleys are card carrying Muggles, so I assumed that the day after the
first fall of Voldemort was a Tuesday on the Muggle Gregorian calendar!

Also, Mr Dursley went to work at hus drill factory that day, which would rule
out that day being a Sunday.