Re: To those who think Snape is evil...

Lythande BlueStar <lythande@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: On Tue, 28 Aug 2007 13:04:28 -0700, jdtiger <stephen.suggs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
:>Sorry, in my book, if you belong to a club that kills people for fun
:>and profit you're pretty freaking evil.
: Regulus A Black was a death-eater. Hoodwinked into thinking it would be cool,
: based mostly on his family's assertion that pure-blood power was the only way to
: go. He didn't know to what lengths Tom Marvolo Riddle would go to assure that
: power, and he tried to get out when the young fool discovered how truely evil
: was the group to which he had committed. Unfortunately he did not have
: Dumbledore to help him through it.

Now there's an interesting side point.
Dumbledore was no less the Headmaster to Regulus than to
any other Hogwarts student...couldn't Regulus have pleaded
for help from Dumbledore?

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