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Why would
JKR have Luna reveal that the mean students always return her things
months later when that clearly wouldn't happen in real life?

It's not real life.

Except that some have said that the HP books are really more about
boarding-school life and adventure than they are about fantasy and
magic. While there are plenty of logical flaws in the later books,
something like Luna's story sounds pretty suspicious. After all, IIRC,
she didn't say her possessions "show up," but that they "come back."

In other words, yes, the books do seem like real life most of the
time, whether we're talking about advertising in sports, racism,
tabloid journalism, or bullies at school. So I can't help thinking JKR
was trying to send a message, since Luna's story has real proof behind
it, unlike Luna's other speeches.


Some say we ruined her Ron becomes DD plan.

Precisely what I was thinking, but no one seems to want to discuss
that possibility any more.

But I will anyway.

How could she have written so many coincidences without realizing it?

On the other hand, why would she dump the K2K theory when she didn't
dump Snape's secret as a motive, even though many guessed it as early
as the publication of CoS? (Granted, the former is a far more dazzling
spoiler, but still - big deal! If she'd really invented it early on,
she should have kept it.)

And while there would be plenty of literary (for JKR) and ethical
problems (for DD) to tackle had JKR used it, especially the problem of
trying to keep the books about Harry and his "choices" as being the
most important theme, had Ron made his disappearance in HBP (and had
DD not died), that would have given Harry plenty of time to reclaim
the spotlight for himself with his future decisions - though of course
DD would have to tell him who he really was after Ron's departure.

Of course, maybe she got intimidated by the challenges involved, as
opposed to being "cheated" by those who wrote the K2K website. Now, of
course, even if she DID plan it originally, she's never going to admit
it, or the fans would never give her any peace until she wrote
alternate books to 6 and 7.

And finally, as at least one person has suggested here, two compelling
reasons for Ron to go back in time would be 1) the obvious one - to
ensure the destruction of Voldemort by working invisibly, as Harry and
Hermione did in PoA, and 2) to replace the Veil with a fake one so
that Sirius could be restored to Harry eventually. (Just not right
away, so Harry would learn to stop being so impulsive and trust his
elders more often when they don't tell him everything. That rant by
the Slytherin Headmaster portrait is one of the most noteworthy
speeches in the whole series, IMHO.)



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