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Page 555: Harry, Ron, and Hermione discover that they can't
Disapparate from Hogsmeade, due to a Death Eater spell.

Pages 570-576: Neville guides Harry et al into Hogwarts via a
passage created by the Room of Requirement to connect it to
Aberforth's bar (The Hog's Head). Soon, a whole slew of DAs
OOTPs are Apparating directly into the bar (to avoid the DE's
alarm spells) and pouring into the Room of Requirement passage.
Soon, the leading teachers learn of the imminent Voldemort
attack, oust Severus Snape, prepare to defend Hogwarts, and
organize the evacuation of the under aged students.

Page 596: Harry suggests evacuating the students via the Room
Requirement passage to the Hog's Head. The students would then
be Disapparated out of the Hog's Head. How are they going to
Disapparate, when a DE spell kept Harry et al from
just after their arrival? Wouldn't the DE anti-Disapparation
spell still be in operation (especially since Voldemort had
warned the local DEs that Harry might come to make trouble at

It might be in operation out in the street but not necessarily
the bar of the Hog's Head! All the reinforcements apparated
directly into the bar without setting off the alarms...

... the escaping students might well be able to do the same
*out* of the bar as well. Had they tried it in the street either
they'd have failed or the alarms would have gone off... or

Why wouldn't the Anti-Disapparation Jinx apply inside the Hog's
Head, or bounce Disapparating people back into the Hog's Head?

Currently I have *no* idea... this looks like is a total disaster
of a plothole... I've read thru the passage a couple of times and
can't see any obvious way out of this one! :)

There seems to be no way to apparate in *or* out of the bar...
unless Aberforth just wanted the kids to leave. He doesn't
say you *can't* apparate out of the bar... just that they could
walk to the mountains to do it etc... and maybe meet Hagrid.

This is stretching credibility to breaking point.

Maybe the Anti-Disapparation Jinx wasn't permanent and had actually
to be cast; otherwise it would be easier to leave it in place
instead of setting alarms. So maybe it did apply to the Hog's Head
when the trio first arrived, but wasn't on all the time.

But I must re-read it too, details are a but blurred right now...

From reading it the alarm was set to go of on arrival so I can't see
how one jinx would be temporary and the other permanent.

How about if the alarm spell triggered the automatic casting of an
anti-disapparation jinx, that dispells a couple of hours after being
triggered, or come sunrise.

And perhaps the evacuated students would be able to stay in the Hog's
Head, or the older ones could seek refuge in the Three Broomsticks -
after all, by the time they got there, Hogsmeade wasn't exactly
crawling with Dementors and Death Eaters, was it?

Maybe they could have Floo'd home? Obviously, for MoM public enemies
numbers 1, 2 and 3, using the Floo network would be out of the
question, but schoolchildren fleeing a magical battle at their school?
They wouldn't pay any attention.

"The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the

Well, since we know that you *can* apparate into and disapparate from
the Hogshead, it seems that we must conclude that Aberforth simply
didn't *want* the trio to disapparate from it. He wanted them to do it
from someplace far, far away from his bar.

While Aberforth is clearly not particularly frightened of Death
Eaters, he also doesn't see any reason to risk his neck just so these
fool kids can get themselves killed.

He is also just plain crotchety. Once he has had a little time to
complain about DD and other annoying stuff that happened to him a
hundred and fifty years ago (like when the price of a pint went from a
half-sickle up to nineteen knuts or when they stopped making wooden
shoes in his size), he is perfectly willing to fight to the death and
let his bar be used as the focal point of the anti-Voldemort movement.