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So Harry's going to be in deep trouble after his years of planning
when he finally kills Voldemort.
Psychologically. he never wanted to do this but now realizes he has
to, and in part out of anger, which wears off, leaving only regret.
Harry started to feel sorry for Voldemort upon learning his history.
That kid is not going to just simply kill and be satisfied he did what
was necessary. He'll always be haunted by it.
My prediction is that Harry is not going to actually kill Voldemort
but will render him mortal though the great horcrux hunt, and/or
whatever else turns out to be required. Then, someone else, someone
less innocent -- perhaps Snape or Wormtail -- will actually kill
Voldemort, who will at that point truly die thanks to Harry.
Stopping a president who thinks he can do no wrong takes people with the courage to do what's right.
You need to read the prophesy again, preferably several times, so you
will retain it.
Do you think this kind of reply is conducive to reasonable discussion?
You can dish it out, but you can't take it.

The point is that by any interpretation of the prophesy, either Harry
must kill Tom, or Tom must kill Harry. 'Die' is not the least bit
ambiguous. So, I suggest, again, read the prophesy. Then try to
explain how you get around the word 'die'.

We'll see how JKR handles it soon enough. You may well be right --
yours is the obvious interpretation of the prophecy -- but I give JKR
enough credit to believe the ending won't be the expected one and it
did occur to me that a more creative interpretation of the prophecy
might help JKR put a twist on the ending and at the same time get her
out of the somewhat thorny ethnical position of having Harry actually
blow Voldemort away.

A simple solution would be for someone else to blow away Voldemort's
current physical body. Then Harry can destroy the last Horcrux, a la
the destruction of the One Ring in LotR. (Note that Sauron's physical
body had been destroyed with the downfall of Numenor.)

Well, Harry does seem to agonize about the problem, so some kind of
solution that would absolve him of personal guilt might be helpful, but
then Harry seems to have a thing about taking onto himself guilt for
just about everything that happens to anyone, even if he isn't in any
way responsible.

Harry's feelings will be important to fan reaction, but can't totally
make up for many people's reaction to a direct killing. Note that the
destruction of Tom Riddle was completely indirect. Even the slaying of
the basilisk was obvious self-defense.

Harry would still have been fined for killing a member of an
endangered species.

"Sporran wearers may need licence"

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