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Hi. here are my guesses. I am no good at ferrrretting outclues so I
guess my answers are a combo of guesses and what I'd like to happen.



What will be the status of each character at the close of Book 7?
Answer "D" if the character will be dead but not a ghost or vampire,
"U" if the character becomes a ghost or vampire; "P" if the character
will be in prison, "M" if the character is hospitalized with some
disability of permanent or indefinite duration, and "A" if the
character remains alive, free, and relatively healthy. "A" is the
default answer

(Main Actors):
1. Harry A
2. Ron A
3. Hermione A
4. Neville M
5. Draco a
6. McGonagall a
7. Hagrid d
8. Snape a I hope.
9. Voldemort D I hope

(Death Eaters):
10. Bellatrix D
11. Narcissa A
12. Lucius D
13. Pettigrew D
14. Amycus D
15. Alecto D
16. Fenrir Greyback D

(Members of the Order of the Phoenix):
17. Nymphadora Tonks A
18. Moody D
19. Kingsley Shacklebolt A
20. Dedalus Diggle who? D
21. Aberforth Dumbledore A
22. Arthur A
23. Molly A
24. Bill D
25. Charlie A
26. Elphias Doge A
27. Hestia Jones D
28. Remus Lupin A
29. Sturgis Podmore A
30. Mundungus Fletcher. D
31. Madame Maxime A
32. Arabella Figg. A

33. Viktor Krum A
34. Fleur Delacour D
35. Delores Umbridge D
36. Rufus Scrimgeour A
37. Golgomath A

PART II: TRUE/FALSE: Answer each question "T" or "F". The default
answer is always F.

Answer whether additional instances of the use of each of the
following magical plot devices will occur or be revealed during Book 7

38. Time Turner F
39. Polyjuice Potion F
40. Love Potion F
41. Imperius Curse T
42. Felix Felices T
43. Portkey T
44. Homorphus Charm F
45. Pensieve T
46. The Draught of Living Death T

Answer whether the each of the following is a Horcrux (T/F).

47. Hogwarts Castle. F
48. Harry, or his scar T
49. The Sword of Godric Gryffindor T
50. Trevor F
51. The Golden Snitch F
52. The Quiddich or House Cup T
53. Riddle's Award for Special Services. T
54. Flitwick F
55. McGonagall F
56. Harry's Firebolt F
57. The Marauder's Map F
58. The Wand on the Faded Purple Cushion (in Olivander's Shop) F
59. The Goblin-Wrought Tiara of Molly's Great Aunt Muriel T
60. The Tarnished Tiara in the Room of Requirements T
61. The Bust in the Room of Requirements T
I know I have a lot of them but I guess they are possibles.
Answer T or F for each of the following.

62. The real Horcrux was INSIDE the locket.. F
63. Nagini is NOT a Horcrux F
64. The Emerald Potion turned Dumbledore into a Horcrux. T Possibly or maybe it did something else irrreprable to him.
65. The Slytherin Locket Horcrux was already destroyed by RAB T
66. Hermione will give up on SPEW F
67. Snape is Good and Loyal to Dumbledore. T
68. Fred and/or George are/is Evil. F
69. Dobby is Evil. F
70. Luna is Evil F
71. McGonagall is Evil F
72. Neville will avenge his parents by killing Bellatrix. T
73. Neville will become Herbology Professor at Hogwarts.. T
74. Ron will become Minister of Magic.. F
75. Lupin & Tonks will get married T
76. Bill & Fleur will get married. T
77. Verity will marry Fred and/or George F
78. Lockhart will recover his memory. F
79. Lily was in love with Snape F but I do think they were friends secretly.
80. McGonagall will transfigure Umbridge into a toad F but that would be funny!
81. Umbridge will get eaten by Nagini. F but that would be funny too (evil grin)
82. Harry's scar will disappear. F
83. In Book 2, Lockhart was responsible for Ginny's memory lapses. F
84. Fleur is a spy for Voldemort. F
85. Voldemort is holding, or will hold, Gabrielle hostage. F
86. In Book 6, Bill's body was transfigured to resemble Gibbon. F
87. In book 6, the big blond death eater at the tower is Ludo Bagman F
88. McGonagall will finally do something useful for the Order. T
89. McGonagall has been spending her summers spying on Mrs Figg. F
90. Rufus Scrimgeour is a vampire. F
91. Trelawney will predict the birth of the child who will vanquish
Harry Potter. F
92. Rita Skeeter will get eaten by Trevor. F but lol.
93. Pettigrew will die in the course of repaying his life-debt to
Harry. F
94. Neville's memory is bad because he was obliviated to hide a
secret. F
95. James Potter was a death-eater. F
96. Albus Dumbledore will return to life; or be discovered never to
have died T I know she says he's dead but...
97. McGonagall has been spying on the Malfoys in the form of an Eagle
Owl F
98. Harry's will discover his Firebolt has been cursed. F
99. At least one additional unregistered animagus will be exposed. T
100. Rufus Scrimgeour is a lion-animagus. F
101. Delores Umbridge is a toad-animagus. T
102. Madame Pince or Augusta Longbottom is a vulture-animagus.. F
103. Slughorn is a bunny animagus. F
104. Lupin will reveal additional secrets regarding the Marauders. T
105. In Book 2, the cold voice Harry heard was NOT the Basilisk. F
106. Lily Evans was a death eater. F
107. After killing Voldemort, Harry will create his first Horcrux. F
108. McGonagall will use transfiguration against a student. F
109. In Book 6, Ron is being impersonated by Viktor Krum. F
110. Marietta Edgecolm's pimples will finally clear up. T
111. When Dumbedore said "Severus, Please" he was asking to be killed. T
112. Peeves is a manifestation of a Horcrux soul-fragment. F
113. Fred will kill George, or vice versa. F
114. The school Quiddich Cup, or the school House Championship cup, is
a Horcrux. T
115. Dumbledore induced Snape to make a (different) Unbreakable
Vow. T
116. McGonagall taught DADA before becoming Transfiguration professor. F
117. Draco is in love with Hermione. T Possibly.

118. Fred and/or George will kill Percy. F
119. Grawp will find a mate. T
120. Voldemort will redeem himself by sacrificing his life to save
Harry. F I can't se that happening.
121. Pettigrew was present when Voldemort killed Lily & James.. T
122. The Fidelius Charm protecting the Potter Family Hideout is still
in effect. F


123. Which character will receive the Order of Merlin, First Class? A
A. Harry.
B. Ron
C. Hermione
D. Snape
E. Ginny
F. Mundungus
G. McGonagall
H. No new awards will be mentioned [default]
I. None of the Above

124. Are Fred and George evil? F
A. Only Fred is Evil
B. Only George is Evil
C. Both Fred and George are Evil
D. Neither Fred nor George is Evil [default].
E. Fred and George will continue to merely play the role of lovable
F. Fred and George will emerge as Heroes in the cause of Good

125. The next DADA teacher will be: F
A. Draco
B. Bellatrix
C. Voldemort
D. Nymphadora Tonks.
E. McGonagall
F. A new character
G. The position will be vacant.
H. None of the Above

126. There is at least one traitor in the Order. He/she is:
A. Minerva McGonagall
B. Dedalus Diggle
C. Mundungus Fletcher
D. Aberforth Dumbledore
E. Rubeus Hagrid.
F. Everyone is Cool except Snape [default]
G. None of the above. G

127. There is at least one traitor among Harry's school friends. He/
she is: H
A. Neville
B. Luna
C. Ron
D. Ginny
E. Cho
F. Seamus
G. Dean Thomas
H. All Harry's Friends are Cool [default]
I. None of the Above.

128. There is at least one traitor among the Weasleys. He/she is I reckon F
A. Molly.
B. Arthur
C. Bill
D. Charlie
E. Fred and/or George
F. Nobody except Percy.
G. None of the Weasleys are traitors [default].
H. All of the Weasleys are secretly in league with Voldemort.
I. None of the Above.

129. At least one of the Weasley kids will die. He/she is B
A. Fred and/or George
B. Percy
C. Ginny
D. Bill
E. Charlie
F. None will die except Ron.
G. None will die. [default].
H. None of the above.

130. How many of the 9 Weasleys will be alive at the end (Part I)? B
A. All 9
B. 8
C. 7
D. 6
E. 5
F. 4 or less.

131. How many of the 9 Weasleys will be alive at the end (Part II). A
A. 5 or more.
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2
E. 1
F. They will all die.

132. Choose a non-human character who will die. D
A. Grawp
B. Dobby
C. Winky
D. Kreacher
E. Magorian
F. Bane
G. None of the above

133. Choose a beast character who will die: K
A. Norbert
B. Pigwidgeon
C. Crookshanks
D. Mrs. Norris
E. Hedwig
F. Errol
G. Trevor
H. Buckbeak
I. Fang
J. Fluffy
K. Nagini is the ONLY Beast Character who will Die.
L. None of the Above.

134. At least one of Harry's school friends will die. He/she is: F
A. Neville
B. Luna
C. Cho
D. Hermione ONLY.
E. One or more Weasleys ONLY.
F. None will die [default]
G. None of the Above.

135. Excluding Draco, which of Harry's Slytherin schoolmates will die: I
A. Vincent Crabbe
B. Gregory Goyle
C. Montague
D. Blaise Zabini
E. Nott
F. Pansy Parkinson
G. Milicent Bullstrode
H. None will die
I. None of the Above.

136. Choose a muggle or squib who will die. H
A. Aunt Petunia
B. Uncle Vernon
C. Dudley
D. Mrs. Figg
E. Argus Filch
F. Madame Pince
G. The muggle Prime Minister
H. No currently-named (or titled) muggles or squibs will die.
I. None of the Above.

137. At least one Hogwarts teacher will die. That person is: D I reckon he would side with death eaters if they were influencial.
A. Trelawney
B. Flitwick
C. Sprout
D. Slughorn
E. Firenze
F. The ONLY teachers who will Die will be OOTP Members.
G. No Hogwarts Teachers will Die [default]
H. None of the Above.

138. In Book 6, Tonks was being impersonated by E
A. Narcissa
B. Bellatrix
C. Draco
D. Emmeline Vance
E. Nobody - She was really Tonks the whole time [default]
F. None of the above.

139. In the end, Ron will be coupled with A
A. Hermione
B. Fleur
C. Rosemerta
D. Lavender
E. Nobody [default]
F. The Grim Reaper
G. None of the Above

140. In the end, Harry will be coupled with A I hope so anyway.
A. Ginny
B. Hermione
C. Cho
D. Marietta
E. Nobody [default]
F. The Grim Reaper
G. None of the Above

141. In the end, Hagrid will be coupled with A
A. Olympe
B. Minerva
C. Nagini
D. Nobody [default]
E. The Grim Reaper
F. None of the Above

142. In the end, Hermione will be coupled with A
A. Ron
B. Harry
C. Viktor
D. Draco
E. Nobody [default]
F. The Grim Reaper
G. None of the Above.

143. In Book 6, Albus Dumbledore ...

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