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You seem to think he has already been lobotomized. Certainly he
doesn't want to be dismembered in any way. He's human. Just because
he fears death doesn't mean he relishes personal pain and suffering.
The books give no clue that he would be different than any other evil
person with regard to that. He just thinks death is as bad as it

No, I think Voldemort is extremely stupid, and the only reason he
hasn't been dealt with, is that almost every other wizard in existence
is as stupid as he is. I include DD in this, DD is not very bright, by
my standards.

Don't forget, we are seeing the world through the very narrow, short
sighted PoV of Harry. Anything he doesn't understand he blames on
someone else's stupidity. It's an easy trap to fall into since
Rowling writes to push us into strong empathy with Harry and gives us
very little additional information. So, in most cases, we are just as
ignorant as Harry, and we do know that the adults share very little
information with him. If we have any common sense, being adults
ourselves in many cases, we know that DD, Voldymort, even the
beaurocrats in the MoM are more on top of things than they seem.
Although, I do agree that the politicians are more intested in
furthering their own careers by suppressing bad news. But, I also
think that somewhere in the Ministry, some wizards in cubes are
researching Voldy and keeping their findings top secret, not that the
politicians want it out.

A few things DD has done that were very foolish:

1. Drinking the contents of the 'Horcrux Bowl'. My own solution would
have been to leave, and come back with a very nasty dog I know of, and
Imperio the dog into drinking it.

Too obvious, Voldy wants a wizard to suffer. You think Voldy and
Dumbledore aren't jsut stupid, but complete imbeciles.

2. Punishing Severus Snape as a 5th year student for the fact that DD
wanted to conceal his abysmally poor judgement in admitting Remus
Lupin, who was (and still is) too irresponsible to handle being a
werewolf, into Hogwarts. The fact that he might feel sorry for Lupin
is no excuse, we might all feel sorry for rabid dogs, too. But we
don't let rabid dogs loose among children.

Lupin was locked up during his bad days. It took some very tallented,
but very stupid students do work the magic necessary to let him out.
Dumbledore probably figured students that smart, if any existed, would
have better judgement. Adults tend to forget that smart kids are
freqently just as foolish as stupid kids and can cause more trouble.
ie Draco, I think he's a smart kid, but very foolish. Hermione,
usually responsible, but easily pressured to help Harry out when he
gets ideas.

3. Making Horcruxes a forbidden subject at Hogwarts. If his goal is to
prevent people from making them, he has failed dismally. Which could
have been predicted. My own solution would be to discuss them
freely... and explain the numerous reasons why the making of them is
such a STUPID act.

How would you explain that? A significant portion of the population
values long life over an unblemished soul. Why would you expect
Rowling's wizards to value their souls more than their lives when so
many real people don't? Anyway, that's what religion is for, and
Hogwarts isn't in the business of saving souls.

4. Sitting around with his thumb up his proverbial ass for several
decades while Voldemort tortured and killed countless people, because
he wasn't intelligent enough to get around the prophecies and
horcruxes preventing Voldemort's actual death by coming up with
another way to deal with him. Like lobotomizing him so severely that
Voldemort would live out his vaunted eternal life as an emulator of
Terry Schiavo.

No one seems able to harm Voldy but Harry. Why do you seem to think
that Voldy uses no magic to protect himself? Dumbledore was unaware
that Tom figured out how to do horcruxes and probably had plenty of
other ideas he was workng on until Harry narrowed things down for him
in the Chamber of Secrets. We still don't know the full extent of
Voldy's protection, but we do know he has a batch or horcruxes, and
that is a great place to start.

Certainly he doesn't want to be dismembered in any way.

Voldemort may not WANT to be dismembered, but he has not taken any
special steps to absolutely prevent it, like creating 'anti-
mutilation' horcruxes.

How do you know? No one has ever harmed him except Harry and possibly
Lily. You know stuff that can't be figured out from what's written in
the books.

Nor are there any prophecies stating that he
can't be MUTILATED by someone other than Harry Potter. Ergo, it should
be possible to do so, and if DD had an ounce of sense, he would have
done so long ago.

DD knows a lot more than he's communicated to us in the books. That's
the tragedy of his untimely death, but we have hope that he's stashed
away some vials of memories, or a very informative portrait echo.
Dumbledore has never been able to talk straight with Harry, so he has
communicated very little to him. It seems he barely gpt started in
the sixth book. He only communicted a few very significant items,
leaving a lot of the understanding and figuring out to Harry and his
friiends. Indeed, he's left too much research on Harry's todo list
for him to do without his friends.