Re: hp7 deaths: McGonagall and Hagrid because...

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In short, you think that DD was dead wrong when he uttered those
words (however understandable his mistake). I suspect otherwise,
of course, but we are just going to have to wait for Book 7.

No. You still misunderstand what I am saying.

No. I understand you perfectly. I just use language differently than
you do. For this reason, you are refusing to understand what I am
saying. You need to try to be more flexible.

He told Draco that it
was his mercy that counted - and it was.

Sure. If doomed hopes count, it counted. It was certainly a real
hope and a meaningful offer (from DD's perspective).

His merciful offer to try to
help the kid who was (at the moment) trying to kill him was Draco's
only real hope of ever escaping the Death Eater organization.

Sure. From the perspective of what they both knew at the time, the
hope was "real." That hope, of course, would have evaporated if they
had known what we now know.

Dumbledore told Draco that he was willing to help hide him and his
family - and he was indeed willing.

I agree completly. So you see, I do understand you.

The only thing he was wrong about
was the hope that he would have the time to act on those words...

So you are saying he was wrong about something. How come you have a
problem with that when I say it? I never said it was his fault that
he was wrong.

But notwithstanding that I DO understand you correctly, I am
disagreeing, and saying that he might not have been wrong about that
at all. I am suggesting that his intention to help Draco has NOT been
foiled by any twist of fate. I am suggesting that things may be going
according to plan. Do YOU understand ME now?

Unfortunately, yes, I believe I do. But I also think the idea (that
Dumbledore planned his own death) is ridiculous.

Before Rowling confirmed that Dumbledore was dead, it was possible to
make a reasonable argument that Dumbledore had somehow faked his own
death to aid Draco. But now that we know that he is indeed dead, I
can think of no reasonable scenario in which Dumbledore would be a
willing party to his own murder.