Re: British Editions Question for US readers

~Julie [nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx] said:
"Bert" wrote...
maybe it is the fault of the American Public after all for giving a
publisher reason to believe that they would not accept the books unless
they were dumbed down. The premise must after all have come from

Finally, you got to say what you really wanted to say all along... Dialect
change = dumbed down, hmmm.

If changing the language of a book to make it easier (according to
people who have replied to posts in this thread anyway) isn't "dumbing
down" then what is it?

Blimey, sounds like a superiority complex.


Don't be silly. British English is no more superior in a British book
than USA English would be in an American book.

Cheers! Oh wait, that means thank you, right???

I have no idea what country you live in but if you are American and are
happy to have your literature institutionally stupified then who am I
for wanting to fight your corner for you.........