Re: Harry's Scar - Will It Disappear?

"Chip Stobb" <stobb@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Here's an interesting question to ponder....

It is known that the magic performed by a wizard or witch will end
when the individual dies (i.e. the 'freezing' charm performed by
Dumbledore on Harry at the top of the tower in HBP).


After Harry kills Voldemort will his scar disappear?

But the scar itself isn't sustained by magic--it's just a scar like any
other, albeit, inflicted by a spell rather than, say, a car windshield--thus
when V's magic disappears, the scar should remain, though any magical
properties derived from V should disappear. For instance, the magical
connection between Harry and V, if derivative of V's power, should disappear
upon V's demise. Of course, none of this rules out the scar disappearing,
it just demonstrates that, based on the theory of magic "dying" with its
progenitor, the scar, being a scar, should remain. Now if the scar is in
fact not a scar, but is a thing resembling a scar, perhaps purposefully so,
and that thing is a magical thing created V's magic, like some kind of
languid hippogrif, then yes, it should disappear.