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I was wondering if the slight hand movement Harry witnessed was
Voldemrot initially hiding the diary at Hogwarts. Might have been
signaling an inside man to hide it (and not attacking DD, making
horcruxes, and erasing minds.).
It remained there until Voldemort deiced to retrieve it to fix his
early flaws in making it strictly a weapon. he then left it with
Lucius, who wasn't supposed to use it.

It's stated that after that visit, the DADA job was cursed. I'm
guessing that if it was anyhting significant, tha's what he was doing.
And I'm pretty sure he left the Diary behind when he left school.

According to Dumbledore:
The diary was in Lucius Malfoy's possession. He put it in Ginny
Weasley's cauldron hoping to: 1) get rid of an incriminating Dark
item; and 2) cause the Chamber of Secrets to be opened, and have it
traced to a child of Arthur Weasley so that he (AW) would be

Yes, thank you, I read the second book. What's your point, exactly?

Catherine Johnson.

My point is that there is no definite answer as to where the diary was
after it was turned into a horcrux, but Dumbledore speculated that it
was specifically given by Voldemort to Lucius Malfoy for safe keeping.
If this is accepted as true, the diary could not have been left at
Hogwarts since Voldy and Lucius Malfoy were not school-age

- Chip

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