Re: Tom and the ring

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BubblyBabs wrote:
I was under the impression that Tom Riddle used the death of his father
his first horcrux but how can that be so when you read this from the
American Hardback page 369:

".....His right hand lay negligently upon the arm of his chair; with a
Harry saw that he was wearing Marvolo's gold-and-black ring; he had
killed his father."

But then we find him asking Slughorn about how to make a horcrux... If
Riddle didn't know how to make a horcrux when he killed his father then
didn't make one with his fathers death... So, if the diary was made when
Tom was 16 then perhaps it was his first horcrux, but, whose death was
to make it? And when did Tom make the ring a horcrux and then hide it?


Tom didn't ask Slughorn how to make a horcrux. He apparently already
knew how. He simply wanted Sluggy's comment on whether having 7
horcruxes was a great idea.

No, he asked how to make one... He did not understand how to encase the
soulbit into an object...