Re: Dumbledore wearing the ring

"Haladin" wrote:

Or, is it possible, that once placed on the finger, it could
not be removed? That it took DD some time before he figured
a way to remove it?

"DaveD" wrote:

Perhaps the horcrux moved from the ring to Dd's hand, as
Riddle tried to do out of the diary, and so Dd had to "kill"
his own hand, hence the damage and why he couldn't fix it,
being self-inflicted?


That does sound completely plausible; the Ring must be worn,
the blank Diary must be written in, the Locket must be worn or
opened (using Parseltongue?), the Potion must be drunk.

R.A.B. may have tried opening the Locket while wearing it;
however that might have been very dangerous without ASKING it to
open in Parseltounge. Without positive evidence to the contrary,
we must assume that R.A.B. was NOT a Parselmouth. Hermione would
have popped up with: " Harry, the last known Parselmouth at
Hogwarts was R.A.B."

That leaves the Cup and (choose one from column B:)

The Wand [6-to-5], The Snake [3-to-1], The Scar [10-to-1], or the
Sword [20-to-1].

[N.B.: I give the Sword such long odds as I believe that not only
was the Sword hidden from the world until Harry pulled it out of
the Hat, but a magical relic of Gryffindor's might well resist
Wayne B. Hewitt Encinitas, CA whewitt@xxxxxxxx