Re: "issues" that should be resolved in book seven?

David Sueme wrote:
What do you see as "loose ends" that _must_ be addressed in book seven,
and if not convincingly explained will significantly detract from the
whole experience?

My most important "loose end" is...

Why hasn't Slythern House been disbanded?

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I would expect the final book to cover the following...

1. The complete story of the Founders: Slytherin quarreled bitterly and
left Hogwarts. How come he is still honored with a 'House' despite
planting a monster in the castle's foundations to kill some of the
students? Even after the Basilisk was discovered and the rumor of the
Chamber confirmed there was no public reaction against Slytherin and
his legacy. Why?

It must be noted that the agenda of Slytherin and Voldemort cannot be
the same; Tom would not have had a schooling had Slytherins selection
norms been accepted. The fact that Slytherin's heir turned out to be a
half-blood is not insignificant; nor the fact that Voldemort choose
another half-blood in his lieu to take the DADA position at Hogwarts.

2. The complete background to the story of the Marauders: and lily in
the first wizarding war and specially their relationship with Snape in
all its ups and downs. Book Three was primarily devoted to sketching
out the Marauders and their relationship with Snape and did little to
further the Harry-Voldemort saga. Presumably this was done for some
reason. The most obvious conclusion is that their relationship with
snape would have a bearing on the resolution of the story. Of
particular interest is the reason for which Dumbledore believed that
Snape had turned away from the Death Eaters.

3. Harry Potter and his role: What exactly does the prophesy mean? What
is the significance of the scar?

I wonder if the 'other' in 'neither (HP/LV) can live while the other
survives' refers to Neville? It does seem to sort of make sense of the