Re: Better Candidates for Human Horcruces

John VanSickle wrote:
1. Snape

Pro: Has the most smarts of any Death Eater, and consequently is the best at self-preservation (a highly desireable trait for any Horcrux).

Con: Requires that Snape not know he's a Horcrux, in order to be perfectly consonant with his behavior in the series (especially the first book).

2. Ginny

Pro: We need only speculate that when Ginny's life went back into her, the fragment in the Riddle diary went with it.

Pro: Harry would be put in the position of having to choose between sparing Ginny or destroying V. It could be that Ginny's love for Harry could destroy the soul fragment, however.

Con: This fragment has been awfully inactive for the past four years; surely it would have done something.

If thought long and thoroughly about the human Horcrux theory
when I was working out the plot for my current fanfic, but I
found all the implications that came with it very un-J.K.R.-y.

Even a part of Voldemort's soul would contain so much evil that
it would corrupt any human soul closely exposed to it. So it
couldn't be Ginny, and even after Snape finishing off DD I'm not
really sure he's switched sides again. First the blood oath so
early in the book and then DD freezing Harry are signs that let
me think there is/was something else going on.

I also think that either DD or Madam Pomfrey would have sensed
if someone carried such a dark piece of soul with him.

But that's of course only my opinion, and I believe the only
proof of whether there is such a thing as a human Horcrux will
be reading book 7 :)

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