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This is how I feel as well, but you have to try and debate
with the Harry is a Horcrux folks, and to do so, you need
to speculate about other options that are just as likely.

As long as they are as likely ;o)

Oh, I think they are MORE likely. But they don't. You did catch that
I'm not a fan of the Harry is a Horcrux theory, didn't you?

Well,ok ... no. He rememberes everything from that night
but not that he tried to create a Horcrux? I don't think

He remembers that he WANTED to make a Horcrux. He remembers
that he started to kill Harry with AK. Perhaps he simply
deduced what happened after? I would imagine that some
memory of what was happening PRECISELY when he was hit with
the AK would be lost.

Yep,maybe he doesn't remember everything from the point on when
he was hit.But Jane said, if I remember correctly,that there
would have been enough time to cast the Horcrux spell before he
was hit by the rebounding AK.So I think,he should remember
everything until then ( including the Horcrux spell).

Who's to say, though, really. Have you been killed before?

Also, the argument goes that perhaps V isn't sharing the fact that he
remembers this with anyone.

By the way, I don't believe Jane has postulated that V HAD
to cast the Horcrux spell right after. Instead, she says
he's so confident that the AK will work that he DID cast
the Horcrux spell right after.

Yes, I know.I just wanted to say if he doesn't have to,why
should he?

The imminent arrival of the OOTP is the only reason, really. As I
discussed later, I still don't see the rush that would have been
necessary to make Jane's timeline work.

My impression was that even a couple of weeks can
pass after you killed somebody.But I have a question on this
topic later...

That last sentence is close to something I recently came up
with, that I think destroys the Harry is a Horcrux Theory.
V needs the soul bit in order to complete the Horcrux
spell. So, he needs for Harry to actually be dead (in other
words, the murder needs to be complete). I think he has to
wait for that before he can cast the Horcrux spell.

Her reply is that he could have started it before, but I
think this is just her grasping at a single strand of grass
as she falls over a cliff. It makes sense that he has to
wait for his soul to split before he casts, or starts to
cast, the Horcrux spell.

I agree, again. He would have taken at least a few moments
to relish it. Jane argues that OOTP members would have
begun apparating in those few moments, but I think he had
just a LITTLE time. Also, none can stand against him save
Harry, anyway, based on evidence and based on the prophecy.
So, why the rush?

That's why I think he wouldn't have wanted to do it in the first
place.Not enough time to do it, enjoy it and protect the Horcrux
somehow.And I doubt that he would have wanted an OOTP member or
even worse Dumbledore see or hear what he was doing.At that
point he didn't want to know anybody about the Horcruxes.

Very good points, all. It actually would be smarter for him to plan to
make the Horcrux from Harry's murder LATER, somewhere ELSE.

Jane, are you reading this? She has a good point.

So,we agree to agree on a lot of stuff ;o)

I can agree to that.

But here is my question since i don't remember if it had been
discussed before.I reread some things at the HP Lexicon and it
says that Voldemort killed his father and his grandparents in
the summer before he started his 6th year at Hogwarts.Later in
the fall he asked Slughorn about horcruxes.And the HP Lexicon
says:Tom says that he placed his "sixteen-year-old self" into
the diary, so he must have done it in the fall after the summer
when he killed the Riddles and before he turned 17 at the end of
December.He uses the recent murders and the knowledge he gained
from Slughorn to work the Dark Magic required to turn the diary
into a Horcrux.
There I got the impression from,that several weeks can pass
before you create a Horcrux.

This has been addressed somewhere, and I forget the overall discussion.
I think that the timeline does work out but...can someone help us here?

But wait....what? Where did Tom get the actual horcrux spell
from if the whole subject was banned at Hogwarts and people even
didn't want to talk about it?

Who knows? Perhaps from someone at Durmstrang?

Grindewald's lost diary? ;)