Re: Snape: evil or not evil?

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Another thought just occurred to me about Snape. In all the books JK
has been feeding us info that he's never gotten the DADA position
because supposedly DD felt it was inadvisable. What if all along, DD
on purpose didn't give the position to Snape because he knew that
whoever was in that position would only last one year (because of LV's
curse). It certainly would have been more prudent to keep Snape at
Hogwart's all those years as a spy than to have him only teach for a
short time as DADA teacher.

I don't think we've ever heard anything out of Snape's mouth or in his thoughts or actions that confirms that he's been after the DADA job for years. Other people have speculated this, but it's not established fact. In fact, Snape would know as well as anyone that the DADA position is cursed and wouldn't want it. But being the clever double agent, it pleases him to have everyone THINK that he's always been after the DADA job.

"Now… how long have you been teaching at Hogwarts?" she asked, her quill poised over her clipboard.
"Fourteen years," Snape replied. His expression was unfathomable. Harry, watching him closely, added a few drops to his potion; it hissed menacingly and turned from turquoise to orange.
"You applied first for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post, I believe?" Professor Umbridge asked Snape.
"Yes," said Snape quietly.
"But you were unsuccessful?"
Snape's lip curled.
Professor Umbridge scribbled on her clipboard.
"And you have applied regularly for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post since you first joined the school, I believe?"
"Yes," said Snape quietly, barely moving his lips. He looked very angry.
"Do you have any idea why Dumbledore has consistently refused to appoint you?" asked Umbridge.
"I suggest you ask him," said Snape jerkily. .?
"Oh, I shall," said Professor Umbridge, with a sweet smile.

Chapter 17 - Educational Decree Number Twenty-four