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Sorry for the long & boring post...


I'll just use this one post to address everyone who replied since you all
say pretty much the same thing.
I understand what you are all saying but I just don't buy it. You can't go
back in time to save your own life. It's a ripoff and a cheap trick. You let
Harry do it and you open the door to let anyone do it. It's not fair to the
reader and it's not fair to the story.
Don't get me wrong. PoA is my favorite HP novel so far and I don't dislike
time travel stories in general. I like watching how they unfold and how the
participants end up causing everything that's already happened to them. JKR
did a fine job with it and it came out really well in the movie too. What I
don't like is the contradictory nature of these scenarios and that's why I
came up with my system to rationalize them.
Mine may not be as elegant an explaination as yours but mine doesn't leave
me feeling cheated either. There's also a certain amount of balance in my
system that yours lacks. Your system takes a Something-for-Nothing approach.
It costs them nothing and they get everything in return. The Universe
doesn't work that way. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In
my system they go back in time and have an immediate impact on events as
they unfold and therefore have to make up for what they've changed in order
to maintain the general outcome.
Anyway, I'm not trying to change anyone's mind on the subject, just trying
to give a different viewpoint. Where, by the way, did you all come up with
this theory of yours. You all seem to believe the exact same thing. I
suppose you all discussed this years ago when the book first came out.

It is basically string theory and it is Einsteins thoughts on the
possibility of time travel. You are right in the fact that it is
impossible to go back in time to save someones life. If the person
dies then you didn't go back in time to save their life. The only way
the time turners are used in the Harry Potter series is to be in two
places at once. They never change history. Harry just happens to save
his own life when he goes back in time. There is not two instances of
time in the book. They are already back in time the first time it
happens. The only reason they need to go back in time is so they can
take buckbeak to save Sirius at the same time they are in the hospital
ward. There is no continous loop. Time happened once and the present
and future Harry and Hermoine where there and created the final outcome.