Re: Are the Goblins already with V?

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David Sueme wrote:
BaJoRi wrote:
When it was suspected that Sirius was trying to get back to V, and he
ordered a broomstick, using his account from Gringott's, wouldn't
you think that there would have been some sort of notification by
the goblins to the authorities?

What makes you think the goblins knew it was Sirius? The transaction
in HP1 has all that yak-yak because - well - Hagrid is a great fellow
but the biggest aspect to him is not his brain. Subtract Hagrid's
meandering from the HP1 bank scene and what you get it this: present
the key, you get access to the safe deposit vault. So to buy the
broom Serius simply has to walk up to the teller's cage and present
his key. He needn't say a word or present any other forrm of
identification. Simple possession of the key to the vault is _prima
fascia_ evidence of title to the contents inside.


Yeap; in fact at least 3 different people took money out of what was James
and Lilly vault... Hagrid, Harry and Molly.


Harry inherited it. But Molly had no authorization proof. Just the
key. Really, if you mug Harry, you'll have his fortune.