Re: the Harry is a Horcrux club(was Re: Last Horcrux)

Zolak of Twylo wrote:
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Blon Fel Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen wrote:
Jane Grey wrote:

Aren't you the president of the Harry is a Horcrux club?

hehe, i wasn't aware there was such a club but i'd gladly be the
president if there was!

Ooh, can I join? Just as long as we don't have to knit badges...

no we wouldn't have to knit anything but here's a possible mission
1) Defend the possibililty that harry is a horcrux at all opportunities
until such a time where is might become impossible to defend (though
this probably won't happen until the release of book 7, if ever)

Hasn't JKR clearly stated that Harry is NOT a horcrux?

she never said that explicitly as far as i know. she said AD's guesses
are never far wrong and that harry now thinks he knows what he has to
do. but sounds to me like there might be something AD never guessed
about and harry will be surprised by it in book7. maybe it is finding
out that harry is an accidental horcrux for LV.

Jane Grey