Re: Why Harry *isn't* a Horcrux

On Sun, 08 Jan 2006 01:29:45 GMT, DM <dm498@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>sTuFf wrote:
>> A horcrux if i remember correctly is made when a wizard after killing
>> someone splits his soul and magically places one part of his soul in a
>> person or object, yes?
>> Why then would Voldemort kill Lily, and then attempt to kill Harry ?
>> It doesn't make sense. Why would he turn Harry into a horcrux when he was
>> trying to kill him with Adavra Kadavara (sp?).
>> Voldemort is obviously scared by the prophecy and is trying to eliminate the
>> threat at its source before it becomes more powerful.
>You are also forgetting the most obvious reason Harry cannot be a
>horcrux - the prophecy cannot be fulfilled if Harry must destroy himself
>in order to defeat Voldemort.

Yes it can. It's not binding. and the hand of the other is V putting
his soul bit in Harry's scar. Nowhere is there a time limit for the
hard of the other.