Prophecy,Snape,Voldemort and Dumbledore : A look at what is hidden

I am gonna discuss something that is troubling me since i finished HBP.

What exactly happened on that fateful night in Godric's Hollow?
Nobody knows except Jo. And she is telling it to us step by step. Each
book is filling in the details regarding that night, we are discovering

more and more. I believe, even after 6th book, not everything is told
to us. A large part of the mystery is yet unrevealed. But we now know
enough to start speculating.
And I am going to present my speculations about the 'Last Part of
Mystery' to you all in this editorial.

What got me thinking was the contradictory information given by Albus
Dumbledore. In OOTP, while explaining the things to Harry, I remember
him saying that the intruder (who overheard the prophecy) was caught
and thrown off. So that he heard only the half of the prophecy and
missed the most important bit: that about Dark Lord marking The One as
his equal. Or so we believed till we met Trelawney in HBP. She clearly
said she saw Severus Snape standing in the door. Mind you, this
happened after she completed the prophecy. It is my (and indeed many
others') guess that Snape heard the Full Prophecy.

Okay. We now leave the firm foundation of facts and journey into the
thickets of guesswork. This is what I came up with when I started
thinking about the Last Part of Mystery: Snape did hear the full
prophecy. It was Dumbledore's Plan that Voldemort should hear the
half f the prophecy. Everything in fact, except the bit about
'Marking someone as his equal.' This particular information was
deliberately kept from Voldemort, with the aid of Dumbledore's
faithful named Severus Snape.

Now, what is this Plan? Following this line of thought, I can deduce
that Dumbledore understood the importance of prophecy at once. The only

chance of vanquishing the Dark Lord was given to him. The prophecy
clearly told him how to prepare the WEAPON that will vanquish
Voldemort. Dumbledore then planned things carefully. On his orders,
Severus ran to Voldemort and told him that he could hear only half of
prophecy. And told him whatever he was supposed to tell. Voldemort,
upon learning the prophecy, set out to kill Harry Potter due to the
half-blood connection. Then, Dumbledore informed a woman about the
situation. Lily James Potter. Whether or not James knew does not
matter. But I think Lily did know. Dumbledore asked her to trick
Voldemort into a magical contract (my life for Harry's) and then
sacrifice herself BEFORE he killed Harry. The protection of Love that
eventually led to Voldemort's (if only temporary) demise was
orchestrated by Dumbledore. It was as much Voldemort's foolishness as
Dumbledore's strategy that gave Harry his greatest defense and a
future that helped him thwart Voldemort for four times.

Snape could have proved handy in tricking-Voldemort-bit of plan. He
could have asked for Lily's life as though he was making a deal when
he told Voldemort about half-prophecy. That is what made Voldemort give

her repeated chances of survival, instead of killing her
unceremoniously like he killed James. As was told, Lily nagged him
enough to make him kill her, breaking the promise he gave to Snape and
to her. This led to Voldemort's demise.

There could have been an unbreakable vow in Dumbledore and Snape BEFORE

snape ran to voldemort. Maybe snape pleged to be on Dumbledore's side.
Maybe that is why he is still trusted.

Of course, Dumbledore could not foresee the Horcrux thingy. I don't
think he knew about horcruxes at that time. After conclusive proof of
Voldemort's existence (PS/SS) and that of a Horcrux's (CoS) he
plunged into action again, the result of which we saw in HBP as the
immense knowledge he imparted to Harry. He sacrificed his life too, as
he believed Harry was empowered enough and it was necessary that Snape
continues living and spying. It was necessary that Draco faces his self

and understands he could not be evil enough to kill.

I believe this all will be revealed by Dumbledore's poster and/or
Snape in 7th book.

I hear one question being asked... what about Fidelius charm? If Lily
was to be used like this, why Dumbledore made every attempt to hide
her? I guess this was done to make Voldemort believe that the opposite
side was indeed working for Lily's protection. And that Dumbledore
was actively involved. This would have certainly underlined the
importance of killing Harry for Voldemort. Dumbledore did know that
there was a spy amongst them who was passing information to Voldemort.
He knew that Voldemort would eventually know. He supposed that he could

expose the spy too. He did believe that Sirius was the traitor, until
PoA events.

Guys, i wan to know your opinions about this theory.
Reply fast!