Re: Harry probably is a Horcrux, y'know!

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> >>>I know many are skeptical about the idea that Harry is a Horcrux
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> >>Yes, but that doesn't mean we won't discuss it.
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> > Nice to know not everyone who doesn't think harry is a horcrux isn't as
> > narrow-minded and defensive as zoltan47.
> He might just have a particularly determined manner of discussing rather
> than being narrow-minded...

hmm, maybe. and re-reading his posts i think i misunderstood his
arguments because i didn't know how he had misunderstood the theory i
was putting forward...

> I think it comes down to how the making of a Horcrux works. Having
> killed very recently may be sufficient. 'Killing rips the soul apart' -
> Perhaps this effect lingers some while and can be utilized some while later.
> Or the Horcrux-spell has to be incantated right after the killing whilst
> the soul is still torn apart. I don't know.
> It scares me a bit - wanting to know how to make Horcrux just like
> Riddle ... ;-)

hehe, but it's not so bad wanting to know the theory if you can't
possibly put it into practice (being a Muggle and all )

> > I used to wonder was why does harry's scar hurt when V is near? because
> > at first i thought the scar was part of the protection against V and
> > therefore acted like a warning that V is near. But i always wondered
> > how come it wasn't more like the spider sense that Spiderman gets for
> > danger? why did it hurt harry's scar to have V near? so i was pleased
> > when i realised the 'harry is a horcrux' theory provides a possible
> > explantion-i sure can't think of anything else that provides an
> > explanation for this.
> Well, this bit I somehow don't find so convincing. Nagini must be in
> permanent agony then if she is a Horcrux too. Because Voldemorts #

ooo, good point, no one else has caught me on this! mmm, now i'm back
to wondering why harry's scar causes him pain at V's proximity. It
could be that V's soulbit in Nagini is right at home and therefore
doesn't feel attracted when V is near. Whereas the soulbit in harry is
ill at ease sharing a body with harry's untarnished/pure soul so when
it senses V's soul maybe by it feels the attaction. I know this might
make it seem like the soul bit has a mind of it's own, but i don't mean
it that way. i see the soulbit's feeling of ease/discomfort and how it
responds to that (i.e. whether it feels attacted to V or not) as a
reactionary thing not something it thinks about and does. but whether
this is the explanation JKR has in mind, i don't know. but i sure hope
there is further explanation of why harry's feels /pain/ when V is near
in book7, i don't think it is suffiecently addressed in the books so

> fragment of soul that resides in her would also be attracted to
> Voldemort, wouldn't it? Or do you suggest that Voldemort is activly
> attracting his soulbit in order to retrieve it back from Harry and that
> that makes the difference? But then, Harry's scar used to ache befor
> Voldemort's return.

And according to the theory V didn't realise about harrys being a
Horcrux/or having his soulbit in him until OftP. So no i'm not saying
it's something V is doing consciensly

> The soulbit in the Riddle-Diary was acting quite on its own accord. Why
> wouldn't the soulbit in Harry be able to do so?

>>From my understanding of CoS, Tom Riddle enchanted the diary to give it
memories too, so that that soulbit has a 'mind' with a goal (i.e. to
cause the reopening of the chamber). i think the magical ability was
provided by the soulbit. Tom needed Ginny to give a bit of herself to
him, in order to be able to take over her body, this is from CoS:-
"If I say it myself, Harry, I've always been able to charm the people I
needed. So Ginny poured out her soul to me, and her soul happened to
be exactly what I wanted .... I grew stronger and stronger on a diet of
her deepest fears, her darkest secrets. I grew powerful, far more
powerful than little Miss Weasley. Powerful enough to start feeding
Miss Weasley a few of my secrets, to start pouring a little of my soul
back into her. . ."

the soulbit in harry has no mind/memories and hasn't been set a goal.
nor has it got any way of communicating with harry in order to get him
to pore his soul into it.

Jane Grey
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