My Book 7 Theories

1. Dolores Umbridge will get her just deserts in the end - Ok, I know this
really isn't much of a stretch, but hey, I thought it would be nice to
speculate. I'm not thinking she will be killed, although, that would be
nice. She seems like the kind of person who wouldn't want to get her hands
dirty in the fight against Voldemort. She's comfortable, sitting back,
staying out of danger, letting others risk their lives. So, I don't think
the Death Eaters will get a hold of her because she goes to do battle with
them. Instead, I think she will be discovered for the evil female dog that
she truly is and will be dismissed from the Ministry of Magic in disgrace,
or be sentenced to life in Azkaban, or both. Although, because of her
position in the Ministry, I wouldn't discount the notion that she will be
kidnapped and tortured by the Death Eaters for information. This torture
would result in her brains being scrambled, like the Longbottoms, or in her
eventual death. Personally, I go for her brains being scrambled.

2. Someone close to Harry will die - I think Ron and Hermione are destined
to go on, so I'm going to count them out. I have a couple of different
thoughts on this, so please bear with me.
My first thought is Ginny. Unfortunately, I have little evidence to
back this up other than this is what my instincts are telling me. But what
I can offer is this: To me, Harry seems like the kind of character that will
forever be without romantic love, or at least, a romantic love that he will
be able to hold on to. The reason I think this is because there is
something that separates him and puts him on a different plane from everyone
else, and that is his relationship to Voldemort. Except for Ginny, there is
no one else that can relate to him on this level. She is, in effect, his
equal. In many regards, the trait of being separate and on a different
plane than everyone else is something that he shares with Dumbledore, who we
have never heard about ever having a wife or kids or any kind of romantic
interest. For Dumbledore, it is his great power as a wizard that separates
him. He has no equal that can meet him on this level (Voldemort doesn't
count in this instance). So, if Harry is meant to be like Dumbledore, in
this regards, then I'm afraid Ginny will die in the final book. To be
perfectly honest, I hope I'm wrong on this one. I think it would be a
fitting end to the story if, when all is said and done, Harry can settle
down to a normal life with Ginny.
My second thought, as to who will die, is Lupin. Since, "Prisoner of
Azkaban," those closest to Harry's parents, and in turn close to him, have
been taken from Harry. It started with Peter Pettigrew. Although, he was
never close to Harry and was the main reason for Lily and James being found
and murdered, he had, at one time, been a close friend to the Potter's. So,
in a sense, this close family friend is now gone. Next, Sirius died, and
then followed by Dumbledore. That leaves us with Lupin. If the trend
continues, we can expect Lupin to be someone that dies.

3. The Patronus Charm - I have a feeling that the Patronus charm will be
used, in some way, to help defeat Voldemort. First of all, we have seen the
Patronus used in every book since "Prisoner of Azkaban. Second, we know
that the Patronus can be used for sending messages, and not just warding off
dementors. Therefore, it is reasonable to suggest that it can be used in
even more capacities. Let's look at the charm itself. In its full form, it
is made up of the positive emotions of the spell caster. Love is one of the
most powerful emotions that a person can have, and we have always been told
that Love will play a role in defeating Voldemort.
Another point to make is that the word patronus is Latin for "protector".
This is what the patronus does, it protects. The incantation, "Expecto
Patronum" can also have meaning. Expecto, in modern translation, means "I
welcome." So the literal translation of the incantation is "I welcome the
protector," and this meaning is, somewhat, appropriate. However, I think
there might be another basis for using the word "Expecto" as part of the
incantation. There is an older version that appears as the phrase "ex
specto," and it is pronounced exactly the same as the version which appears
in the incantation. "Ex specto" means "out of the heart." As we all know,
the heart is most commonly associated with all human emotions, and more
specifically, it is most associated with the emotion of love.

4. The Strong Mental Connection Will Play a Role - I have often wondered
about the mental link between Voldemort and Harry. Specifically, I have
wondered how strong this connection is. Prior to Voldemort's use of
Occlumency, Harry had some insights into Voldemort. Based on the way his
scar hurt, Harry could tell what kind of mood Voldemort was in. When he
slept, Harry could see through Voldemort's eyes. The most important thing
is that Harry never had to put forth any effort to do have these insights.
To me, this indicates that mental connection between Harry and Voldemort is
very strong. Dumbledore said that this connection was one the powers that
Voldemort had marked Harry with, and that this insight was something that
could be used to defeat the Dark Lord. This suggests a couple of
1) Harry could use Legilimency to peer into Voldemort's mind. I think
it is possible that the link between the two could be so strong that Harry
could over-power Voldemort's use of Occlumency. Harry could use Legilimency
to figure what the remaining horcruxes are and where they are located, to
learn what moves Voldemort is planning next, or in a duel, to defend himself
from Voldemort's attacks. One unknown to this theory is would Voldemort be
aware that Harry would once again have access to his mind?
2) Harry might also be able to possess Voldemort's body in the same way
that Voldemort possessed him in "Order of the Phoenix."

Any questions, comments?
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