Re: Harry's obstinate beliefs (was Re: HBP Chapter 7 re-read)

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>There's far too much evidence against that, the most
>compelling being his having sent the Order to the Ministry in OotP,
>thus losing Voldemort the Prophecy, when he could very plausibly have
>remained silent. The arguments trying to explain why "henchman" Snape
>would have done such a thing are as limp as cooked spaghetti.

Not at all. We only have Snape's word for it that he told Dumbledore
about Harry's message "as soon as possible". If you look at the
facts, by the time Dumbledore arrives at the Ministry, Voldemort has
Harry cornered and has actually spoken the words "Avada Kadavra". Less
than a second later, and Harry would have been dead. Had Harry (and
his friends) not have fought so well for so long against the gang of
adult DE's, they all would have been dead long before the Order
arrived on the scene, and Voldemort might have well had his prophecy.
It is quite possible that Snape delayed telling Dumbledore for as long
as he possibly could. As he tells Bellatrix, he has to present the
image that he is loyal to Dumbledore, and as such he has to do things
like keep Harry safe - or at least give the impression of doing so. So
Snape had to tell Dumbledore about the message, in case Harry somehow
survived. But nothing stopped him from taking his sweet time about
it, waiting until the last possible second, in hopes that the Trio
would be long dead by then...

We can't be sure that he did this - Rowling hasn't told us one way or
the other about the incident. But it's certainly a distinct
possibility, and as such it eliminates the OotP Ministry scene as any
meaningful evidence for Snape's innocence.