Re: Proof that Harry is NOT a Horcrux

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> > Consider this speech from Dumbeldore:
> [...]
> > That seems to ice the fact that Harry is NOT a Horcrux. Dumbledore is
> > telling us that the last Horcrux was to be created when Harry was
> > killed, but that Nagini ended up being the last Horcrux.
> All that proves is that Voldemort probably didn't INTEND to make Harry a
> horcrux, and that IF Harry is a horcrux, Voldemort doesn't know it.
> > Granted, all this could be red herringness, but we know that Dumbledore
> > is the voice of JKR to a great extent. She gave us the above paragraph,
> > and Dumbledore has also specifically said that the last Horcrux is an
> > object from "Gryffindor or Ravenclaw".
> That's his theory, yes.
> > Harry can't be the last Horcrux without contradicting a lot of
> > exposition, so that theory is officially shot dead.
> Do you really think so? Voldemort probably planned to create a horcrux at
> Godric's Hollow, and since many of the "Harry is a horcrux"-theories are
> based on Voldemort's horcrux-creating spell accidentally hitting Harry when
> Avada Kevadra bounced back at him, I don't think this even touches the
> theory.

There was plenty of "evil magic energy" from LV to create a Horcrux. Not
only the AK against Harry, but the force that killed Lily also. The mark
in the Prophecy that made Harry his "equal" could have also signified a
soul split, because the scar does indeed confer many of LV's powers such
as Parseltongue. The AK _did_ seem to work when it rebounded to LV, only
that he was saved by the Horcruxes already in place.

If Harry (or his scar) _is_ a Horcrux, then LV would have been complete
by then, so maybe the AK that rebounded left him one Horcrux short again?

I'm a little concerned about the "old Muggle man" that Nagini is
supposed to have killed for the reputed last Horcrux, though. It doesn't
seem to have been Frank Bryce, because at that time it was already 12-13
years after the attempt at Harry and the first Horcrux, the diary, had
already been destroyed, making LV _two_ Horcruxes shy of a full set.

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