Re: Purpose of chapter 1?

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:> > Note that Fudge refers to having been "sacked" and a new
:> > MoM having been "appointed".If they are Ministers of Great Britain
:> > (and the Prime Minister obviously only learns of these changes after
:> > the fact) I assume the Queen (on magical advice) does the sacking
:> > and appointing?
:> >
:> > Telling of the Floo Network connection at Buckingham Palace might
:> > be a bit more dicey than Downing Street's...
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:> > The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again,
:> > at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.
:> Since the MoM is not appointed by the Prime Minister, who is the real
:> political head of state in Britain, I don't see why the Queen should
: appoint
:> the Minister of Magic, either. It's not like she would have an in-depth
:> knowledge of the MoM, or have any idea who could fight Voldemort or run
: the
:> Wizarding world most effectively, if she has any idea there are witches
: and
:> wizards in Britain at all. I tend to think she doesn't. Maybe the
: assorted
:> PMs of England might have told her about the Minister of Magic, and maybe
:> they wouldn't for fear of being thought completely nuts.
:> I think the Minister of magic is probably chosen by the Wizengamot,
:> although I have no idea what their procedure or their criteria might be.
:> They have at least chosen someone with less formidable powers of denial
: than
:> Cornelius Fudge, this time, but not by much. Although Scrimgeour is, as
:> Dumbledore says, a more forceful and decisive minister than Fudge." But
: he's
:> still putting up with Umbridge, rather than sacking her sorry butt
: straight
:> out of the MoM. But one of my favorite lines in HBP comes after Christmas
:> when Harry tells Dumbledore about his talk with Scrimgeour at the Burrow.
: I
:> love Dumbledore's comment about "We must not sink beneath our anguish,
: but
:> soldier on.." Clearly, he and Harry are of one mind when it comes to the
:> MoM, both the Ministry and the current Minister. =o)
:> Melissa
: This brings up something I thought was a bit puzzling. When Harry first
: meets Scrimgeour he is suspicious and even unhelpful and unaccomodating. I
: found this strange because Scrimgeour is exactly the person who Harry would
: want to impress if he wasn't the Minister. Harry wants to be an Auror and
: yet pays no respect to the recent ex-head Auror. I did not understand his
: attitude in this regard.
: As their conversation progresses and later when Harry can see that Umbridge
: is still around and that Scrimgeour is not the type of person that Harry
: wants to associate with I can understand him being rude and abrupt, but not
: when they first meet.

Seems to me Harry won't be accepted by the Auror Office
as long as Scrimgeour is Minister,at this point...

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again,
at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.