Re: Weak microphone on a new ASUS laptop

W. eWatson wrote:
On 11/14/2011 3:16 PM, Paul wrote:
W. eWatson wrote:
Lap top is model n53sv-xv1. The mike seems of questionable quality.
Any fixes to remedy it? It's being used on Linux Fedora 15.

Why wouldn't you boot into the provided Windows, and
establish baseline performance there first. Then, return to
Linux and work on it ?

Try recording sound while in Windows. If it doesn't work well there,
then it'll be no surprise when it works exactly the same in Linux.

The documentation is a bit useless, in that one place says "mono
and in another mentions "digital array". You're going to need the services
of lspci, lsusb, and perhaps some Windows utilities to make sure you
know what hardware is in there.


Well, when my wife headed for a Linux install, she had no idea there would be a microphone problem.

Actually, in a quick check, do you know how much "breakable" hardware
there is in it ? Before starting a Linux install, on some brand
new spiffy hardware, you've gotta check what other people have
already seen. For example, the "Fresco" USB3 chip doesn't appear
to get detected in Linux properly. And the graphics on the machine
involves dual GPU, and there's some trick to selecting which
GPU to use. (In Windows, Asus would make sure that part, works.)

On low end stuff, you might not have any surprises, because the
hardware design is pretty boring. But as the boxes get more expensive,
there are more tricks. The tricks work great in Windows, because
"somebody cares". But in Linux, the Linux crew has to "clean up the
mess" as the mess is discovered. So if you're grabbing recent
vintage hardware, you would not expect the journey to be an easy one.

Therefore, if I was doing this install, it would be dual boot for a while,
with Windows7 offered as an option in the grub menu. Then, you can boot
back and forth, and compare operations and performance, to see how
it is supposed to work.

The site, seems to have that model number of machine on it,
but there doesn't seem to be a "laptop" subsection in the forum. I don't
know if they removed it, or they have a completely separate forum for
laptops. I was going to suggest looking over there, but I had a hard time
making any progress. So there's nothing of note over there that I could
find. But maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. They're supposed to
treat their laptop/notebook customers a bit better than their
other customers, so it's just possible they have some other forum
for them.