Re: Does the P5E really support ECC?

On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 14:07:58 -0500, Paul <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

tanstafl wrote:
I'm about to build a new rig and I'd like to use the vanilla P5E
board. I can't determine with certainty whether the P5E actually has
functional ECC due to conflicting information.

Asus sez it does:

And Asus sez it doesn't:

I haven't yet received a response from Asus addressing the conflict.
I'll keep emailing until they get tired of ignoring me - but that may
take a wee bit of a while :-(

Crucial says it doesn't:

Some retailers like Keenzo and TheNerds say it doesn't. Other
retailers like Newegg & ZipZoomFly just don't make any statement
regarding ECC.

There have been several threads here in the past year (some quite
recent) with posts from folks who are using ECC Dimms without
problems. Of course the problem with that is ECC Dimms can run fine
even if the P5E doesn't have the P bit traces to the memory slot.

2 Questions:

1) Does the P5E BIOS have an ECC mode selection menu?

2) Per the X38 chip spec, it looks like there are registers to
adequately capture bit correction event data for logging. Has anyone
seen an ECC correction entry in their System Event log?
Pete Gebel pfgebel(deletethis)@crisperiodcom
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This is a message found in the Asus forum. Specifically, this message
is *not* about the Asus P5E, but the poster was asking for help
in getting a CPUZ dump of the Northbridge register settings. Apparently
there is a bit which indicates whether ECC detection is enabled.

It should be bit 40 of the Capabilities register. It's a read only
register and controls the bits the fgrieu was asking about. I haven't
been able to find the register bit BIOS would use to set ECC mode :-(

A user tries some ECC modules here. These are his test results. The
slow POST with ECC was fixed in BIOS version 1003, 2008/11/04 update.

This sounds like the 'MB slow POST' thread in this group that you were
involved in back in June. Is PetrS aka Core2Duo?

The thing is with these boards, you don't see the normal ECC control
entries in the BIOS screens, which would make you suspicious that
ECC is not really supported by the BIOS. I would feel more confident
if the usual BIOS screens were present. The manual does not show any.
(In the past, this might have been an ECC enable/disable that shows
up when ECC modules are installed. Some recent AMD boards might
show a "scrub" option, but the X38 datasheet doesn't mention scrub.
The X38 appears to support the bare essentials for ECC, with an
interrupt on error, a log register and the like.)

Nor did I see anything re scrub. I also did not see anything relating
to Parity mode.

And since the poster in the first link above, didn't get an answer
from anybody, we don't know whether a P5E enables the necessary bits
or not.

This Intel DX38BT review, is the closest thing I can see to mentioning
ECC on the BIOS screen. I'm having a little trouble getting this site
to reliably display the article in question, so I hope you're able
to view this. If you download the Intel manual for this motherboard,
the BIOS screens aren't detailed, so you cannot even discover what
happens when ECC memory is installed.

It would appear you're expected to take the ECC feature "on faith",
rather than have it documented.


I fear I'm a tad short on faith.

Pete Gebel pfgebel(deletethis)@crisperiodcom
Have the best day possible - all things considered

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