Does the P5E really support ECC?

I'm about to build a new rig and I'd like to use the vanilla P5E
board. I can't determine with certainty whether the P5E actually has
functional ECC due to conflicting information.

Asus sez it does:

And Asus sez it doesn't:

I haven't yet received a response from Asus addressing the conflict.
I'll keep emailing until they get tired of ignoring me - but that may
take a wee bit of a while :-(

Crucial says it doesn't:

Some retailers like Keenzo and TheNerds say it doesn't. Other
retailers like Newegg & ZipZoomFly just don't make any statement
regarding ECC.

There have been several threads here in the past year (some quite
recent) with posts from folks who are using ECC Dimms without
problems. Of course the problem with that is ECC Dimms can run fine
even if the P5E doesn't have the P bit traces to the memory slot.

2 Questions:

1) Does the P5E BIOS have an ECC mode selection menu?

2) Per the X38 chip spec, it looks like there are registers to
adequately capture bit correction event data for logging. Has anyone
seen an ECC correction entry in their System Event log?
Pete Gebel pfgebel(deletethis)@crisperiodcom
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