Re: New build locking up Asus PKQ Pro

"JT" <jt@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:gbo6nk$bcr$1@xxxxxxxxxxx
I built a new system a couple months ago and it's been running well until
the last few days. I am getting random lockups of the system where the
screen will just freeze and I have to reboot. I also get freezing during
boot up when the windows screen is up. The system always posts and makes
it through the BIOS screen, but after that it seems to want to freeze up
at some point.

I have tried taking memory out, and only running with one stick in
different slots. I have 4 one gig sticks. This doesn't seem to matter. I
flashed to a couple different BIOS's old and new. No help. I have tried
swapping out the video card. I have tried a brand new hard drive. I
reinstalled the OS(was using Vista). Went back to XP and managed to get it
to install after a few freezes. Still had freezing afterwards. I have
unplugged both DVD drives. I am going to try a new power supply next. The
only things left are the sound card which seems unrelated because I was
getting freezing during the windows initial install, the motherboard, and
the CPU.

Again I was having no issues with my inital build. Could overclock the
CPU to 3.6 easily. Then I started having post issues when overclocking
where I had to reset the CMOS with the jumper. Now I'm having these
lockups. Does this sound like the power supply?

My specs are:

Asus PKQ Pro
E8400 Core-Duo 3 ghz
OCZ PC8500 memory
Asus 4850 videocard
Two 250 gig WD SATA 1 hard drives
Creative Xfi soundcard
FSP 700 watt Power Supply(in use for year and a half)
I was wrong. After a few days for running fine it started locking up again
with the new power supply. Won't even boot into windows now. Am trying
another motherboard. Can't OC this one anymore anyway. Maybe it doesn't like
the memory or something, but I'm tired of fooling with it.