Re: P5E-WS-PRO refuses to post, endless reboots

thank you Andy.
what is the power supply?
are you using generic or some brand model and make?

"Andy Burns" <usenet.april2008@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On 17/06/2008 18:28, gg wrote:

just to confirm, can you give us you full configuration
4x2GB Dominator DDR2 1066?
core2 quad ? run at what speed?
external graphics cards? make and model?...

Mine (now running happily) is

4 x 2GB Corsair PC8500 (5-5-5-15-2T 1066MHz) with the fitted memory
cooler fans

core2 quad 9450 @ stock 2.66GHz (recycled Cooler Master Hiper48, I
figured if it had previosuly cooled my P4 3GHz, it'd do a good job on a
core2, running four concurrent cpuburn-in processes the core
temperatures never exceed 54C and the PWR fan doesn't bother speeding up
*at all* compared to idle!)

graphics at the moment is only a Radeon x550

in the PCI-X slot I have a Supermicro 8xSATA II card
and in the PCI slots I have 2 x DVB-T tuners.
PCIe X1 slot empty
and 2nd PCIe X16 slot empty.

Now wondering whether to try some FSB overclocking, or wait for the 0801
BIOS to be released non-beta ;-)