Re: Intel comming out with a 16 core Nehalem family.

And over-clocking and extreme cooling only go so far. Just because you
double the clock rate doesn't mean you get double the performance. Different
parts of the cpu scale differently, and when Intel pushed the P4 up to
3.8GHz, they had to push the pipeline out to about 31 stages. It gave them
bragging rights, but it didn't perform anywhere near as well as people
thought it did. A clock cycle can only propagate so fast through the core,
no matter how cold the core is, which is why cooling and clock speed will in
the end give limited gains.

Since we can't get much faster and we can't get much smaller, one of the
pathways still open is multi coring. Microsoft wants to make drastic changes
to the OS such that each app will run on it's own core with part of the OS
embedded into the app. Instead of 2 or 3 high powered cores, we will have
dozens of slower cores, each with their own tasks to do.

Consider also that they applications of the future will be more suited to
milti threaded and multi processing systems. Multi cores is the future.

"William" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Lots of new stuff being announced out of Taipei Taiwan lately. See:

What are we going to do with 16 cores? Over clockable, 192-bit DDR3-1333
and DDR2-1600 memory. Their are cooling solutions that will take the IC
down to -100 degrees Celsius.

From what I have read, Windows does not scale well above 4 cores. New
languages will have to be perfected to take advantage of so many cores.

Interesting times.



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