Re: need help configuring RAID on my P5WD2E-P

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You simply copy data from external to the internal drive of your
But do you use My Documents to store any data?

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The performance boost in striping is in most cases negligible,
depend on the sata controller
A disk mirror is only helpful if one hd fails, and in failing any
is not also mirrored. It is not a replacement for a backup
As to how to set up, you read the mobo manual
"Generally" you enter the raid bios setup on reboot, designate
drives to
be used and build the array
Setting up a stripe array will destroy all that currently exists

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I want to reconfigure my two SATA HDDs to a RAID. Right now
& D
Some say that the performance boost of RAID 0 is negligible, and
benefits of RAID 1 are significant.

I have the mobo manual, and have a floppy drive, but still need
concise step by step help.
I never did this type of thing before.
I don't want to trash the files and config on the C drive.
The D drive is empty.
I got an external USB drive if that helps.


thanks. i understand that i should have a backup regime.
is that like a junta?
the mobo manual is not the clearest with regards to RAID config,
the drives being SATA adds to the complexity.
like i need to put drivers on a floppy for use during the setup.

im unsire of myself and do not want to trash my pc which is
great, just not configured for RAID.

to move forward, could you suggest how i can off load all that's
c-drive so i can reload after setting up the RAID?

One way to preserve a current hard drive is to create an image file
or, alternately, clone a new hard drive as a potential substitute.
Acronis TrueImage is a good product to use.

But, just to beg the point, do you really need RAID? Just what
would it truly serve, e.g., mission criticality. But if it is just
preserving data, then a properly setup backup plan would more than
sufficient. Having a cloned system drive/partition takes care of
need to re-install everything. And one remaining point: The pitfall
mis-using RAID could result in the loss of everything...choose the
type carefully.

thanks for the feedback
well i got the two identical sata drives in the first place so I
have either a faster or a more reliable system. right now i put all
data on an external usb drive, which could fail at any minute.
I use my C drive as system drive, and really have nothing on the d
drive, so it is wasted.
if i were to migrate all my data over to the c drive, then use the d
drive as an image of the c drive, and use the external usb as a
backup, then i'd have pretty good protection, but my total storage
capacity would be limited to the size of the smallest drive(s) the C
D which are 250G. the combined amount of data i got on c & the
external drive is less than 120G.
what is the best way to migrate the data over? copy one folder at a
maybe i'll forget about a RAID array
comments are welcomed

re: do i use "My Documents?" not on my C drive much, more by accident
than intentionally there's about 326 meg of stuff on it i must have
thought was important at some point in time ;-).
on the usb external (G), I have a folder called "My Documents" and I
have been migrating folders off the G: root to it.

I d/l'd the trial version of acronis trueimage but did not install it
i have to find out if I create am image of the C drive on the G:, can
that image be used to restore my system if i attempt to RAID C & D. I
think I need to creatre a acronis bootable CD. I have some of the
tools but the way is not clear yet.

in the mean time I can use acronis to backup the G onto the D.
the acronis offers many backup options, and i think it's a good
investment. at first i thought XPpro had lots of the functions native,
but i'm not hip enough to really know, and Acronis is a little
confusing right now, but still i think it's something i can deal with.
thanks for the feedback and interest.

Acronis is an excellent program and will work for what you want to do...I
have done it here. Just make sure to load your Windows RAID drivers
backing up with acronis to an external or internal hard drive of your
then create your RAID array. then restore image to newly created RAID
This is IMPORTANT if you don't mload the Windows RAID drivers before
creating the Image windows will not be able to read the array after
Hope this helps..


i got to find the manual for my mobo, to re-read the process for
installing the RAID drivers. I think there are two different choices
on my mobo, and the installation process differs according to which is
selected. And I recall that it is necessary to create a floppy with
these drivers on it, and this floppy be inserted in the floppy drive
during the Windows installation. That's the primary reason I got a
floppy drive on my PC was for this purpose.
I think it's a goofy patch ASUS came up with, even though this is
listed as a high-end mobo.

But when it was time to install Windows. I chickened out and took it
to a shop. But the tech ignored my instructions and did not configure
the RAID. I think he said he was not familiar with the mobo and the
process, and did not want to charge me while he was learning.
So what you advised me is confusing. Besides not having ever restored
a OS from a recovery program or external HDD, I don't know how to
install the drivers now, so they'll be there after the restore.
maybe this weekend I'll install acronis and see if any of it makes
sense to me.

From within windows pop in your motherboard driver cd and there will be an
option to install Raid drivers. You can install even though you haven't
configured the raid array yet. After you have done this make a disk image
using acronis and make sure you create an acronis boot disk. theen rebot the
computer and create the RAID array and boot up with the acronis boot disk
and restore the image created earlier. Using this method you won't have to
reinstall windows or use floppy.

now that's totally clear! I'll give it a shot. typical for me, i hit
the wall trying to iinstall acronis. i downloaded it a few days ago,
but didn't run the install program until friday PM.. Then on saturday
when i booted and tryed to launch acronis i got this message that the
copy had expired. got on chat with acronis tech support twice. but
they have yet to email me the tempo registration key they promised.
also i see the software is available for $10 less, and i get a CD as
well. so if i install the acronis trial, according to their tech
support, i will then need to uninstall the trial version then install
the new one i bought, and of course, use the new registration key that
came with it. like i cannot just use the new registration key with the
currently installed version. does that sound right?
anyway, later i'll dig out the mobo CD and install the RAID drivers.
thanks againfor the great support.

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