Re: Boot from SATA-II (M2V board)

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Hi all,

I have a question about the M2V motherboard (again...)
I was able to purchase an SATA-II harddrive (Maxtor 160 GByte) and was wondering if it is possible to boot from the Marvell SATA-II connection (not the external, but the internal one).

Why, or why not?

(have the 1802 bios flashed in the ROM)

Thanks for the answers, André

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Your original post has not shown up here. Only your followup
post is present on my server.

There is a suggestion here, that the Marvell controller does not have
a bootrom in the BIOS. To support booting, the BIOS must include an
internal add-in code module, that handles INT 0x13 services.

To check for one of those, you would need to disassemble the BIOS.
I used MMTool on the latest BIOS and it listed three modules. The
third module is for the Marvell 61XX series, implying there is
some kind of support for the chip.

Attansic Boot Agent For Attansic L1 PCIE Gigabit Ethernet Controller v1.0.20.11 (2007/01/30)
Marvell 61XX(00) Press any Key to Continue, to RAID Configure Menu

So I do see a Marvell module. It is possible you would need to configure
a single disk as a "stripe of one disk" or something similar, then
do an F6 install of a RAID driver, to get it to work.

Now, when I look in the e2736 M2V user manual, it says:

"Do not install the operating system with the device connected to
the Marvell® 88SE6121 Serial ATA connector."

So that is not an encouraging sign. It implies Asus doesn't think it
will work.

As Bill said, give it a try, but there are no guarantees it will work.
It all depends on things like the RAID setup in the BIOS, the Marvell
driver and what it is capable of, and so on.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the answer (Bill too!).
I have installed Windows via the SATA ports connected to the VIA southbridge, with no problems. (also had to swap the HD, the 160 Gbyte had some problems, now have an 250gbyte SATA)
After that I installed the marvell drivers (drive still connected to the southbridge SATA).
After all this I connected the SATA driver to the Marvell connector (the internal one) and it tried to reboot: Windows logo showed up but somehow the SBOD (the well known bleu screen) showed up.
My conclusion is: Booting from the Marvell connected harddrive is possible, as long you have the proper SATA drivers for it.

Again thanks for the answer.