Re: No display while power up

lou.brady wrote:
I have a M2N-MX SE motherboard and have do display coming up on my
moniter even though the motherboard is getting power, I have followed
the troubleshooting guide on the ASUS site, reset the CMOS etc. but
nothing helps. Has anyone else encountered the problem before? Any

1) Are both power cables connected ? There is the main ATX power
connector, and also a 2x2 ATX12V power connector for the processor.
Both should be connected. With no ATX12V connected, there should be
no POST beep, but the fans would be spinning, drive would spin etc.

2) CMOS jumper in the correct position ? Not in the "clear CMOS" position.
CMOS battery present and putting out 3V ? Touching a multimeter set on
volts, to the top of the battery (and using the computer case metal as
a ground), you should see about 3.0V DC.

3) BIOS chip inserted in socket ? Does the alignment mark on the BIOS chip,
line up with the mark on the socket ? Sometimes the socket has a
triangle to mark pin 1, and the chip has a depressed circle to mark
pin 1.

4) With processor installed, computer speaker connected, no RAM present,
you should get a "missing RAM" beep pattern. If you remove the RAM,
and get no beeps, it means the processor is not able to execute
enough BIOS code, to be able to beep the speaker. At that point, you
verify the processor is properly seated in its socket, that the bottom
of the motherboard is not shorting to a standoff in the wrong place.
You'd also check all supply voltages, with the supply running. You
can probe the backside of the main power cable (where the wire enters
the nylon shell), and verify the voltage values. There is enough metal
exposed on the pins, to be able to get at them with a sharp multimeter

Here are some ATX power supply specs. The first two are for 20 pin supplies.
The first spec is historical, from a time when power supplies still had a
-5V rail on them. The third spec is more recent, and is for 24 pin supplies.
These docs will give you the pinout for the connectors.

Since your motherboard has integrated graphics, it should be easy to take
the motherboard out of the computer case, and test it on a table top. Put
a telephone book with cardboard cover underneath it, for insulated support.