Re: No video output - graphics card or motherboard?

There is no description of beep codes in your posting. Are you getting
more than a single short beep from the computer speaker at startup ?

I don't understand where the multicolored video bars are coming from.

Another element in the computer, is power. Many Asus boards have a
hardware monitor page in the BIOS, and if you could look in there, it might
list the measured values for 3.3V, 5V, 12V and so on. Maybe the power
supply is defective.

With the video card removed, do you get a "missing video" beep code ?

With the video card and the RAM removed, do you get a RAM beep code ?

(Only remove components, with the power unplugged, so you know for
sure there is no +5VSB active in the computer.)

Those beep codes, require the processor to execute some of the BIOS
code. Complete silence would mean the processor is not running.
(At least, as far as I know, the beep is BIOS code commanded, rather
than being generated by a hardware chip autonomously. But there are
chips that can generate a beep on their own. So I suppose that is
not out of the realm of possibility.)


I haven't tried booting with the graphics cards or RAM removed.
Otherwise there are no beeps when it starts up.


By the way, does Asus use the standard Phoenix BIOS codes. If not,
what would be the codes for RAM and/or graphics failure?