Re: Asus Warranty Question

AMD did make chipsets in the distant past but ceased doing so 4 or 5 years ago. What you are looking at, described now as an "AMD Chipset", is an ATI chipset. With the acquisition of ATI, AMD probably will again be making chipsets. But for now, those are really coming from what was ATI, and not what was AMD.

Angry American wrote:
Barry Watzman wrote:
The issue with AMD-based systems has always been the chipsets. AMD
doesn't make chipsets, so you are looking at a chipset by Via, SiS,
NVidia, etc., and they are just not as good as the Intel chipsets.,,3715_13530_14669,00.html?redir=ATCI20

AMD is making chipsets, and has in the past as well. They usually test with Tyan but are coming out with more and more mainstream chipsets, with many more in the pipeline.

Also since the Nvidia chipsets the reliability of AMD solutions has matched or exceeded the Intel chipsets. I would have agreed with your rhetoric a few years ago, but now it simply isn't true. I have had several problems with Intel based solutions in the past, most noteably the D865PERL MB's paired with a 3.0Ghz P4 or faster. Heat issues are a huge problem due to a design flaw requiring the builder to substitute the OEM heatsink with an aftermarket solution to keep these boards from overheating. Of course Intel didnt say a word about the problems till well after small builders such as myself had allready lost profits having to repair systems for customers after the fact, and for free.