Re: Compatible RAM for P5B Deluxe

Roy Coorne wrote:
Angry American schrieb:
Roy Coorne wrote:
If you have probs with RAM selection, the Crucial (= Micron) Memory
Advisor helps you to find DIMMs which are guaranteed...



Crucial is not the same as Micron branded ram. Even though they are
basically the same company crucial ram is the low end of what Micron
manufactures. Micron is the good stuff, and cannot be purchased from

My Crucial DIMMs have both a Crucial sticker (with a Crucial ID) and a
Micron sticker (with a Micron ID).
Crucial is the marketing division of Micron.

Try to find that same model from Micron, it wont happen. Your Crucial ram is
second tier ram, not the good stuff. Crucial is not the marketing arm for
Micron, as Micron sells primarily to OEM's, not end users. Crucial is the
the equvalent of Kingston Value Ram, or any other manufacturers second tier