Re: During the last boot-up your system hung for an improper CPU Speed

Okay. Well I'll have a play this Sunday and see what I can figure out.

Thanks for your help so far! :)

old man wrote:
If the battery goes the cmos/bios settings are lost
The outside temp will not be a factor if the sys wasn't running
However if there was any condensation in the house there is a feint chance
of system connections becoming corroded, usually only if the connections
weren't originally good/firm

"Zebrakorn" <m.winward@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Do you think battery death could be the cause? I always thought that
even if the battery goes, as long as you have a power supply all will
be well .. maybe I'm wrong?

I'll certainly suggest replacing the battery.

As far as I know it hasn't been moved - it's just been sitting there
unplugged for over four months. So my assumption is that the battery
has died and caused problems.

I'll make a mem test my first priority though!

Actually, another possibilty is that something overheated. Apparently
it got very very hot in their house while they were away - could the
CPU be fried maybe? It was hot enough in there that their fire alarm
went off!

Thanks for the reply anyway.

old man wrote:
Assuming it was OK prior to shutting down, only memtest, and checking
components located correctly are relevent. Certainly not trying other
Try setting bios to its defaults and or new battery

<m.winward@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi everyone.

My in-law's desktop PC has been switched off and unplugged for around
four months and when they got back home from their travels and booted
it up, it's jumped straight to the BIOS and shows a couple of values
red and the message "During the last boot-up your system hung for an
improper CPU Speed".

Any ideas how this could have happened? I was wondering if it's
the backup battery died maybe? I've found a whole load of posts
to similar issues and I have a few things to try when I go over there
this weekend.

It's part of the Award Bios Setup Utility but that's about all I know
for now - I need to go over and have a look at the MoBo and see what
they have.

I'm going to try the following:

- Test memory (
- Check CPU fan / PSU fan / Heatsinks
- Try other BIOS versions
- Check CPU temp (

They've tried to save the settings as the system default but every
they save and exit it just resets and does the same - and hasn't saved
the settings at all.

Any suggestions would be very welcome!