Re: Half Life 2 Lockups (A8N-E)

Just curious, are you running onboard sound ? Try the startup command
in the game launch options " -nosound " to see what that does...

I have an asus board which runs HL2 great, but it's an intel platform
with an audigy 2zx...

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 20:39:41 -0300, "StainlessSteelRat"
<usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi folks,

More problems with my A8N-E board, perhaps...

I'm playing Half Life 2, and often every few minutes the game pretty much
locks up with the sound continually looping. I thought I would double check
Steam for any known issues, and low and behold the exact same issue is
described under the support heading "Problem: Games freeze when running on
ASUS motherboards" (How can I prevent Source-engine games from locking up
(with looping sounds and video) when running on an ASUS motherboard?)

The solution is to update the BIOS, which I already have to 1013.

Is anyone else having this problem with the A8N-E?