K8N - Sempron 2600+ L&C psu

Last night I firgued out AMD Athlon 1.4ghz (once ran on MSI KT7 266 mobo) uses 89 watts
while Sempron 2600+ uses only 62 watts so by using this logic I know it can be done - I
swapped that MSI mobo out for a new K8N s754 with Sempron 2600+ (128kb L2 - ugh
I know but it IS 64bit), eVGA 6200 128mb agp and added Kingston DDR400 2x256mb
while retaining CD and two WD hdd - 40gb & 4.3gb. I "repaired" WinXP to WinXP SP2
without any majoy problems.

But what about the PSU? L&C LC-B350ATX. I know that the PSU isn't good for hi-perf
set up but this hardware installation are all low performance but decent enough -
should work well. Sandra 2007 reports the voltage as pictured here.


4..01 volts on line -12v??? wtf? (ASUS' cmos showed that as well.)

Hell, I fiddled around for hours and played some games last night and today. Nothing's
wrong with it. I must be lucky....?