Re: When will we see a cheap conroe board

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btw see this page for intel chipsets that support core 2 duo as well:

"Barry Watzman" <WatzmanNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
There are current conroe boards? I'm not aware of any.

[The 975 CHIPSET will support Conroe, but while necessary, that is not
sufficient to imply that a 975 MOTHERBOARD will support Conroe, and I'm
not aware of any motherboard whose manufacturer explicitly warrants that
it will support Conroe. And that includes Asus with the P5WD2-E
Premium, whose status relative to Conroe is, as far as I know,

Conroe comes out on July 23rd, a week from Sunday (Intel price changes
are releases are often scheduled for Sundays]. Presumably we will
virtually every motherboard releasing a whole range of motherboards at
about that time.

ridergroov wrote:
Hey folks. I don't really feel like shelling out 230 beans for the
current Conroe boards. When will these come down? I'm not sure how
long that usually takes and I am trying ot plan my upgrade attack.