Asus P5P800 SE doesn't like SATA drive in XP, Winme or 98!

I have a brand new system, dual core, 1 gig of memory, 320 Seagate SATA
HD - and when I try to install XP (the first OS I tried), when it
reboots it gives me an error
about my hardware.
I also tried to install Win98/Winme for good measure and the same
The bios recognizes the SATA drive, but it seems like WinXP doesn't
like it - any ideas?
I have tried XP boot disk from the net and they boot, but it sticks at
the blue screen of death telling me that some piece of my hardware is
causing it...
I just went through the CD that came with the motherboard -=
ASUSP5P800SE and there are no drivers for the SATA drive on it.
It is separated into four categories :
Audio, Lan, Chipset, USB2 and in all of the folders there is NOTHING
about a SATA drvie. Where should I go?
I was read that the winxp doesn't need the drivers for this - which is
the complete opposite, so I am stuck...


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