Re: How much should motherboard temp be?

The temperature limit for that CPU is 70 C so you are very safe at 37 C.


"kimiraikkonen" <kimiraikkonen85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have P4B533 and i was using it with Celeron 1.7. My motherboard's
temperature was always under CPU temp, then i upgraded to P4 2.4 GHZ
but sometimes they're equal or sometimes mobo is hotter than cpu when
NO LOAD. When no load sometimes mobo temp is around 36-37 celcius (not
fahreneit), depending on temperature of air and seasons...

Absolutely, when system runs at full load, CPU is much hotter than

My question is: How much a P4 motherboardd temperature should be in
actual? What's the real temp thresholds for a motherboard especially
for ASUS?

I'm looking forward to see experts' messages.